Iconic Vicon Martin
The Vicon Icon
Stylin' hat, bad Hawaiian shirt, beer in a cheap plastic cup, challenge-croquet mallet. Need we say more?

Vicon 2002

Don't yer have a real life still, ya blistering barnacles?!

Arrr, it be 10 days till yer Vicon '03, matey, and finally here they be, the soul-stealin' booty from Vicon '02.

Rolls 1-5 Roll 14 Roll 23 (8/7 9:30am)
Roll 6 Roll 15 (after-email-notice
from here on)
Roll 24 ditto
Roll 7 Roll 16 Roll 25 (8/7 9:40pm)
Roll 8 Roll 17 Roll 26 ditto
Roll 9 Roll 18 Roll 27 ditto
Roll 10 Roll 19 Roll 28 8/8 6pm
Roll 11 Roll 20 (8/5 10:30am) Roll 29 ditto
Roll 12 Roll 21 ditto Roll 30 ditto
Roll 13 Roll 22 ditto See a typical reaction to Vicon

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Consolidated yard view from the very back corner
Castle Kirk Courtyard Circlevision

All be done--fer sure, I toldjer I'd have all them bloomin' cockroaches up before Vicon '03! Has I ever said anything ta make yer mistrust me? I means recently?