Vicon '02 summary and '03 dates

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:19:57 -0700
From: Martin Costa 
Subject: The horror that came to Visalia.....

hello all ! Thanks for a wonderful party, and for again not getting the national guard overly involved.

This years Vicon was, as ever a major success, except for the foul air from the fires, which didn't actually kill anyone, but prompted a few bailouts. For that, SORRY ! I didn't find out about the air quality until I was there, otherwise I would have warned y'all. Unless there are fires again next year (or, say, mt. doom erupts down in sauronsfield) it'll be lots better next year.

Other than that, the weather was so nice that lots of people were complaining that they clearly were not going to have heatstroke this year. Sorry ! Next year, I'll arrange to have a microwave for you to stick your head in, if the weather turns pleasant.

That said, a few awards are in order.

  • 1. Challenge croquet. Once again, a successful game was run, as I have no idea at all who won, which is as it should be.
  • 2. Longest gap in attendance: in a surprise result, Ed and Avi were edged out by Vicky, who has diligently missed every single one ever before. Well done !
  • 3. Final best reason to stop buying cheap evil smelling beer from now on: Cyrus & the Kegs : honorable mention to Pete (for petearitas) and MS/Brent for the Surprise Rumfustian
  • 4. Surprise Hurler : You know who you are.
  • 5. Best cannonball into the pool: Brent, with the flying squirrel special
  • 6. Person least aware of the importance of inertia in twister or the pool: Tie between Athena and Elisabeth.
  • 7. Worst music. Bluegrass cover of the entire album "the wall". This was bad enough to ace out miss miller, and may just retroactively win for several years past.
  • 8. Cutest child: nine-way tie.
  • Okay, enough of that crap. next thing, you'll be wanting to make speeches and stuff.

    Okay, looking at the Calender (Cal 8 2003, thanks, ya geeks) I see that next year, August 16 is a Saturday. So, shall we plan on that weekend ? if anyone has a known conflict with that date, let me know asap !