Mr. Alien
Mr. Alien at Disneyland

PART II: Main Street--or is that Mainly a Drag?

What's in that locker?

So here's how it might have happened.

Say, for example, you're an alien with no biological similarity to anything that Earth has ever seen. Rather than being a carbon-based life form, you're polypropelene. And green, too. With—shall we say—reproductive gear that you can securely stow in a ziplock bag in a locker on Main Street, something that many Earth guys would find convenient...

...naturally the first thing you'd do would be to move in on the Earth women.

No guarantees that ol' Charming will take kindly to this, of course. Nor that fairy godmother you see checking up on things behind Sleepy's skirt.
Dancing with Ol' Sleep Beaut

Next thing your little green brain knows, you're strapped to the cannon in the XXX Circle, about to make a nonstop trip directly to ToonTown. Taking over Earth isn't looking like such a Mad Tea Party now, bubba!

Ohhhhhh nooooooooo!


Hint: Things ain't goin' to look much better there!

ray gunZap!

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