Vicon 1998 Conspiracy

Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 14:15:48 -0700 From: Ellen Levy Finch Subject: vicon conspiracy
***This is intended as a surprise for Susan & Martin.***

                       Mr. BILL (ALIEN) GOES TO VICON

Instead of Mr. Bill, we have Mr. Alien--6" completely poseable plastic
green alien with the appropriate "oh no!" expression on his face.

THE PLAN: Everyone take photos of Mr. Alien doing Vicon sorts of things,
tons of 'em, and I'll get them all developed at one-hour developing in
Visalia probably Saturday afternoon (so we have to work fast) to put the
best into an album for Saturday night.

LABELS FOR ALBUM:  I'll type up as many labels as people can think of
beforehand (e-mail me), so we can have semi-pro looking labels for the
album.  Probably.  All the others we'll just write by hand when we get

Some of the many ideas we've come up with:

"Mr. Alien gets invited to Vicon" (photo: buried under pile of invites?  Or--?)

"Mr. Alien changes tire on road to Vicon" (Photo: Mr. Alien under car tire)

"Mr. Alien tries the hamburger basket" (Mr. Alien inside a hamburger bun)

"Mr. Alien visits the portapotty" (use your imagination)

"Mr. Alien makes coffee" (Mr. Alien in the coffeepot?)

WHO WANTS ALIENS?: have *4* (count them, 4) identical aliens so that they
can be off doing different things with different people:
   -on the way to,
   -and during Vicon.

(We could probably even afford to dismantle one of them so that we have
various pieces of Mr. Alien in various destructive situations.)

BRING PROPS:  Think about ways that we can enhance Mr. Alien's fun level at
Vicon.  Bring appropriate materials.

BRING & USE YOUR CAMERA:  I will have a camera; everyone else with cameras
is encouraged to take photos on the sly, as this will definitely require
multiple participants.  I'll take charge of exposed film & getting it
developed & into albums.

I plan on sneaking around madly AT vicon & in various places in Visalia
taking photos.

BONUS POINTS for getting pictures of susan and/or martin in photos WITH one
of the aliens without them knowing about it.

SOOOO--if anyone wants a Mr. Alien beforehand to take along with them
(e.g., Mr. Alien takes a rest stop; Mr. Alien shops at Casa de Fruta,
etc.), we can probably arrange something.  (or: reasons Mr. Alien Can't
Attend Vicon for those bags who're staying at home...)

A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: The fun thing is--Mr. Alien can continue to go
on trips & have misadventures for the rest of eternity & people can simply
mail the photos to Susan & Martin to add to their collection.