Vicon 1993: Another Sloppy Archive

With appalling color choices

Originally from barry Wed Aug 18 20:04:18 1993 What the critics are saying:

Notes from elf added Aug 19 '93:

* Mutants somewhat resemble inflatable life-sized Godzillas, killer whales, and Eduard Munsch "the Scream" characters
** If you miss wicket #3, you have to stand in the pool while making your next shot. At wicket #7, if you successfully make up a poem involving Eduard Munsch, you get an extra turn. Etc.
*** After 40 beers, it's the chlorine?
**** Ditching 10 years of tradition where everyone sleeps in the open on a groundcloth
***** Note my reputation as the silent type. I DO go there to relax and be brainless...[No responses necessary]
****** At 9 a.m.