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mid-80s? Las Vegas wedding & checking out hotels
mid-70s? Hearst Castle with LKM
around '90? L.A. areaćxxxx Library and Botanical Gardens
around 1970 Mi-Wuk Village? cabin w/friend's family
mid-70s? more than once Twain Hart cabin and wandering around w/friend's family, drive, cabin
mid-70s Carson City, NV [no photos] the tourist thing w/friend's family, drive
mid-90s? Santa Barbara [no photos?] hang out on beach, picnic, wharf, walk around drive/hotel/bridal shower
Sept '99? Anaheim [no photos] Convention Center: NASFIC? drive/hotel
mid-70s? Hearst Castle with LKM
more than once--when-- Santa Cruz [no photos] boardwalk drive
more than once--when-- Monterey [no photos?] M.B. Aquarium & wandering around that area, also historical areas & buildings drive
more than once--when-- San Francisco [no photos?] Ghiradelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Cable Cars, Golden Gate Park, The Cannery, Balaclutha(?) & other ships, ... drive
more than once--when-- San Jose [no photos] Winchester Mystery House drive
Once upon a time--70s? Marine World [no photos] in redwood city drive
Maybe twice? late 80s? Marine World/Africa U.S.A [no photos] in Vallejo drive


Oct Normandy Invasion Boats, horses


June Normandy Invasion (opposite direction) Boats, planes, not so many horses

Updated: Mar 1 2008