Another Typical Day in the Spam and Virus Siege

A typical day (Wed, March 31, 2004) in my email box. The junk filters have kindly shoved the following into the "Probably Junk" box--now I need to do a visual scan for valid emails. It's not unusual for there to be a valid one in here somewhere.

If these were in your mailbox, which of these 172 messages would *you* decide to look at?

Harold StrongWednesday, 8:00 AM130-Mortgages as low as 1.55% myqcpmxcmerjx
???@???Wednesday, 8:00 AM0
???@???Wednesday, 8:00 AM0
Classic IndustrialWednesday, 8:00 AM4James, Restore Your Credit Rating - Now
EmpirePokerWednesday, 8:00 AM7Play Poker Online - Texas Hold'em , 7 Card Stud , Omaha Hi/
Wednesday, 8:01 AM1C I A L I S ONLINE
Crown ContinuumWednesday, 8:01 AM3James, Get Extended Warranty Coverage
Thomas McdanielWednesday, 8:01 AM2Inexpensive ValĖum
Cornelius MeredithWednesday, 8:01 AM2Fwd:RE:TURN A $463.00 INVESTMENT INTO $65,000.00 bevel
Wednesday, 8:01 AM1V I C O D I N ONLINE Brick
InezWednesday, 8:01 AM0Buy Generic and save
Wiley ErwinWednesday, 8:01 AM2Feel Happy
v.s.b@free.frWednesday, 8:01 AM1information
Thanh GonzalesWednesday, 8:01 AM2D1scounts On Medicati0ns
Clarissa RobisonWednesday, 8:01 AM2Fresh Carton of Cigs $14.95 Any Brand ddo cu
Sonny MoserWednesday, 8:01 AM12Don't Pay for DigĖtal Cable - clench
1 Minute Mortgage Quote Wednesday, 8:01 AM5Finch: Equity Release Directive
Rhoda GrubbsWednesday, 8:01 AM7Monthly Invoice N197-292251
August HollowayWednesday, 8:01 AM7Re: order N52881
beauWednesday, 8:01 AM2Unbelieveable deals on V1-AG=RA, less than $2 a dose!
Wednesday, 8:01 AM1X A N E X V1COD1N Bright
Brooks CollegeWednesday, 8:01 AM5Fast Track Career Training
Eddy EnglishWednesday, 8:01 AM1FREE PORN theologian
Marcia SharpWednesday, 8:01 AM15Huge RT sale for OEM Windows, Office, Adobe - under $99 per
Jamal HutchinsonWednesday, 8:01 AM1That is over 30 recipes a month bjifj
Alphonso KyleWednesday, 8:01 AM0No Doctor Office Hassles!
Otto WallWednesday, 8:01 AM1Want to get out of Debt?
Mayra RobersonWednesday, 8:01 AM3You Need a Better Degree, and we can Help!
Karla JacobsWednesday, 8:01 AM2verlag cumberland
Tina MendozaWednesday, 8:01 AM1Finch Ready to get all krunked?
Florence ByrdWednesday, 8:01 AM7If you loved 500 percent gains on our last pick, this will
BikiniTouchWednesday, 8:01 AM7Gentle & painless intimate groomer
Federico WeirWednesday, 8:01 AM2Fwd:Fwd: FrÎe Life Ins. Quotes
Her FirstWednesday, 8:01 AM1Surprise bitch! here is a big cock for ya!
Hiram MccartyWednesday, 8:01 AM0expository, 8:01 AM0here is it.
Paulette NormanWednesday, 8:01 AM1you can cmoe!
Wednesday, 8:01 AM8Altova Opens XMLSPY Certification Beta
Ines HumphreyWednesday, 8:01 AM4Fwd: L@@K and feel 20 years y0unger
Katy McKnightWednesday, 8:01 AM2Solve ^ the pr-oblem downstairs , avkonvs
GregoryWednesday, 8:01 AM4Re: You look great!
ChrisvanWednesday, 8:01 AM1In debt? US economic policy is not perfect Beverly!
Wilburn JacobsWednesday, 8:01 AM1inconvenient riotous
Anita HollisWednesday, 8:01 AM1Internet Pharmacy - Smart Prices
thesure@yahoo.comWednesday, 8:01 AM0something is not ok
Plastic_SurgeryWednesday, 8:01 AM2Enhance your bust
Darryl DiggsWednesday, 8:01 AM4Fwd: it doesn't get any better
Sylvia Wednesday, 8:01 AM1admixture
Pacific AvailablityWednesday, 8:01 AM4Finch James, Don't Hesitate! Rates will be Going Up in Camp
Carl TericaWednesday, 8:01 AM5stupid will only buy softwares from shop, heheh phenomena j
Olive AddisonWednesday, 8:01 AM1Get out of Debt!
Marcelino MaherWednesday, 8:01 AM3The 2004 edition of The American Medical Directory blood pr
Classic DiagnosticsWednesday, 8:01 AM6James, Never About Car Repairs Again
JohnnyWednesday, 8:01 AM2Re'fin'ance and put money in your pocket as low as 3.25%
antwanWednesday, 8:02 AM1BEST PRICErS on F.D.A. DRUGsS happydayp sylvieo softballu
??????~Wednesday, 8:02 AM4???......????
Lucien KraftWednesday, 8:02 AM0did you raelly slep with her?
FFGWednesday, 8:02 AM2It's still not too late to take advantage of the Refi boom.
OmniWednesday, 8:02 AM3Vivitar Digital Camera - Clearance Sale! (799877594)
Rosella FosterWednesday, 8:02 AM46--Give women what they want--bay
Tom .Wednesday, 8:02 AM1Get your report for your website......
Vernon GoodmanWednesday, 8:02 AM0Get your prescript[ion filled in seconds!
Karla HumphreyWednesday, 8:02 AM4z.X,.X.,X p,o,r.n.o guys are famous thanks to THIS
AvonWednesday, 8:02 AM2Free Shipping, Big Discount
Sharlene Wednesday, 8:02 AM0main
Rita LutzWednesday, 8:02 AM3Fwd:Re: Affordable Life Ins. Finally
Rita LutzWednesday, 8:02 AM3Fwd:Re: Affordable Life Ins. Finally
Elsa BeckWednesday, 8:02 AM1Mortgage rates as low as 1.93%
Hugh WilliamsonWednesday, 8:02 AM3(95)Be a better lover(8)
Kelley BentonWednesday, 8:02 AM116-Mortgages as low as 2.10%
April ClementWednesday, 8:02 AM111-Mortgages as low as 2.11% gkspnxieddy
Abraham BlantonWednesday, 8:02 AM7A powerful financially sound company on the rise wiywanly
GaleWednesday, 8:02 AM1Maybe this will help
Alan FowlerWednesday, 8:02 AM2Solid Internet Biz for your home
Alliance AggregateWednesday, 8:02 AM4James Finch, 1 Minute Mortgage Application Here
Mariana ParraWednesday, 8:02 AM1cheap software deals mystery
Jefferson Wednesday, 11:14 AM0newton
Network SolutionsWednesday, 11:14 AM6Private Registration Introductory Price Expiring Soon
Allie BlueWednesday, 11:14 AM1Cia.lis,Lipitor,Soma Specia| Of.fers! jD8FM
Willard OneilWednesday, 11:14 AM3(69)It's a medical miracle!(900)
Mallory S. FilletWednesday, 11:14 AM2Up to 80 percent off on medication, Elf.
Normality P. ClowningWednesday, 11:14 AM2Elf, Greatest medication for you!
NaturalGolfWednesday, 11:14 AM3Lower your Handicap by...
Ronny StokesWednesday, 11:14 AM2no waŽ¨ting room in clinic liquefaction
Helene HamiltonWednesday, 11:14 AM0Fwd: OMG look at this
Willard MorganWednesday, 11:14 AM1Rates as low as 2.8%
Wilmer VargasWednesday, 11:14 AM1Would You Like To Start Your Own Part-time Business, Make E
Cheap PC ImprovementsWednesday, 11:15 AM2Get your life back
postmaster@pfx1.jetonline.frWednesday, 11:15 AM2UN VIRUS DANS VOTRE MAIL A
Conrad CarterWednesday, 11:15 AM013-Mortgages as low as 2.29% udz b o
National Wildlife FederationWednesday, 11:15 AM4Flordia panther kittens face a dubious future
Antwan RoarkWednesday, 11:15 AM2V1AGKRA 80% D1SCOUNT
Reid MontesWednesday, 11:15 AM3(578)Hundred per-cent proven to increase your size(64)
World OperatingWednesday, 11:15 AM5James Finch, Lock in 3.95% Campbell Rates are going up!
Jillian ElderWednesday, 11:15 AM3(78)Hundred per-cent proven to increase your size(1)
Great SPANISH PropertyWednesday, 11:15 AM7New building developments just starting!
Sterling PittmanWednesday, 11:15 AM2asss full of cummm
Beta AvailablityWednesday, 11:15 AM5James, Save 40-60% on an extended warranty
PeachtreeSettlementFundingWednesday, 11:15 AM2Transform Annuity Payments into CASH NOW!
BrooksCollegeWednesday, 11:23 AM4Become a Graphic Designer
OmniPointMarketingWednesday, 11:23 AM2Iím single and ready to mingle
DavidWalleysResortandSpaWednesday, 11:42 AM9Visit Beautiful Lake Tahoe
Stefanie CrowellWednesday, 12:33 PM4Re:
quincyWednesday, 12:33 PM0Not just impotence drug... Become a bedroom GOD! dgj c
Dolly F. AkinsWednesday, 12:48 PM0Your one stop prescripti#ons
Nola CampbellWednesday, 12:48 PM1tahnks
Ray BurkettWednesday, 1:11 PM1Another cigarette tax increase? order online instead
Lucien AmbroseWednesday, 1:24 PM1Fwd: Save money and skip a payment on your Home Loan
//www.rescue@chowdog.comWednesday, 10:30 PM1
Christina CoffeyWednesday, 10:30 PM2Even older cars ...
Robin MarquezWednesday, 10:30 PM2Make the most of yor home
Anibal FloresWednesday, 10:30 PM1antiquary
Industry Standard SolutionsWednesday, 10:30 PM4James, D_E_B_T Elimination - ZERO Interest
Nola AmesWednesday, 10:30 PM4Fwd: L@@K and feel 20 years y0unger
Premium AssociatesWednesday, 10:30 PM3James Finch, Ca 4.12% rates - HURRY - rates will go up
Wednesday, 10:30 PM1C I A L I S ONLINE
Wednesday, 10:30 PM1V I C O D I N ONLINE Base
Reed DriscollWednesday, 10:30 PM0Internet Pharmacy - Smart Prices
Kathryn HarrisonWednesday, 10:30 PM3(51)Guaranteed to boost size(668)
Lindsey CramerWednesday, 10:30 PM1Internet Pharmacy - Smart Prices
Darrel GodwinWednesday, 10:30 PM4Fwd: receipt of payment
Genaro GouldWednesday, 10:30 PM0Internet Pharmacy - Smart Prices
Mauro F. SpenceWednesday, 10:30 PM0Discreet Cheapest Pr)escription Dr)ugs Online!
Wednesday, 10:30 PM1X A N E X V1COD1N Attack
Miracle BurnWednesday, 10:30 PM2You Have Nothing To Lose but the Weight
BurrisWednesday, 10:30 PM1schnabel
Billie FowlerWednesday, 10:30 PM4Re: from germany
Southern WestWednesday, 10:30 PM4Finch James, Campbell area-4.12% - Waiting can cost you tho
OmnipointWednesday, 10:30 PM5Is your Driveway wide enough for a Hummer H2
Valerie HightowerWednesday, 10:30 PM1Just about anything
America SpecialtiesWednesday, 10:30 PM3James, Save on automobile repairs
Account ServicesWednesday, 10:30 PM5Easy Advance between paydays
Alyce DickWednesday, 10:30 PM3Hi
Yvette LopezWednesday, 10:30 PM1Get Viagr]a Online Cheap! Internet Special!
Noreen GipsonWednesday, 10:30 PM6Your order N93-07454-033553 has shipped
Brenda EganWednesday, 10:30 PM1Re: Home Refinancing - Even for Self Employed
Dick WarnerWednesday, 10:30 PM1Fwd: Lowest Rates in 40 Years
Hyacinth RuthWednesday, 10:30 PM4saave software money on ur own, we sell from $25 - $70 each
Billion$ SuperstarWednesday, 10:30 PM2Re: We grow your downline at our expenses
mortonWednesday, 10:31 PM1Buy C_I_A_L_I_S cheaply! valhalla kingdom
coyWednesday, 10:31 PM1Incredible Value on C1AL1S! rambo1 rusty
Nadine StoverWednesday, 10:31 PM0Is 20 million Euro dollars bad?
Blanche FreemanWednesday, 10:31 PM1counterproductive
Lynette GeeWednesday, 10:31 PM4Home loan rates as low as 2.95%
Federated ExchangeWednesday, 10:31 PM2James Looking-For Work We're Hiring
Christoper VazquezWednesday, 10:31 PM1Newsletter
Western BarterWednesday, 10:31 PM2James Meet Single People In Campbell
Shanice XuanWednesday, 10:31 PM5get ur own needed softwares at 90% off
Weldon W. BuckleyWednesday, 10:31 PM3(501)Enlarge it or moneyback(832)
Shanice XuanWednesday, 10:31 PM5get ur own needed softwares at 90% off
Shanice XuanWednesday, 10:31 PM5get ur own needed softwares at 90% off
Brent DaviesWednesday, 10:31 PM4Home Loans as low as 2.95%
Kim MarquezWednesday, 10:32 PM017-Mortgages as low as 1.55%
243202@delphi.comWednesday, 10:32 PM11Adobe software 243202
Young LangWednesday, 10:32 PM7Company reports blistering growth saecqhjwc iwe prdkut
Clifford SantanaWednesday, 10:32 PM2Drop P0unds N0w
Leola WagnerWednesday, 10:32 PM111-Mortgages as low as 1.50% eczdf qxazn
Wednesday, 10:32 PM1C I A L I S ONLINE
Traci FarrWednesday, 10:32 PM1Ever think of trying Sildenafil Citrate ?
Visionary AdvisoryWednesday, 10:32 PM4James Finch, 30 Second Mortgage Quote Here
Kris BullardWednesday, 10:32 PM20Discounted OEM XP, Adobe, Office CD for sale all under 99$
Cathryn ReederWednesday, 10:32 PM5buy origanal looking rolex watches
Wednesday, 10:32 PM1X A N E X V1COD1N Breath
Wednesday, 10:32 PM1X A N E X V1COD1N store
Loyd CahillWednesday, 10:32 PM2Prescripti0n D1scounts, Phenterm1ne
Roger S. McFarlandWednesday, 10:32 PM0Try Sildenafil Citrate
Miranda K. HendrixWednesday, 10:32 PM1Lenders compete for your loan here
Felecia DelacruzWednesday, 10:32 PM7Revenue projections are being revised upward for this gem
Margery MckenzieWednesday, 10:32 PM120-Mortgages as low as 1.59%
Carissa LugoWednesday, 10:44 PM25 Waiting to Date You

Hint: My name is not James.

Another hint: This is all crap! What a waste of time and resources!

Created April 2, 2004