FOFH1 Links

Never let it be said that our friends sit around doing productive things in their spare time. Here's proof:

<<New!>>BettyFlying Goat Graphics: The late artist's artwork
Bill and Nan Dogs
Caroline Quilt Magic
Cheryl Reports on Driving the Oregon Coast—Actual useful tourist info & photos
Cheryl Web Site Design and Development
Cheryl cj images: Photography Galleries
Cheryl Personal Web Site
Diane Dog-Play: Tanith's Hemangiosarcoma Report
Ed Hobby Hovel: A Wargamer's Webpage
Holly The Huber Hound Home Page
Kate P Favorite links for science, fiction, science fiction, Shakespeare theater, astronomy, and what-not
Leigh Ann Homepage
Logan Visit his home page (Wyrmwood): fiction and misc.
Jennifer Silverpath Home Page: Vacations, poetry, her dog Luna
Jim K Where he works
Jimmy V The ACtor
John L His business: Web designer, writer, & myriad other services
John L His Jive Pad: Galleries, Movies, experiments, fun stuff to explore
Marie A nicely designed family page
Mark Ferrari Online store of fantasy art by Mark Ferrari
Martin Random piratey and who knows what stuff
Stephanie Resume, info on Sparky the Dog and her loss to cancer, garden, turtles, & misc.
Steve & Cheryl Cycling Pictures
Joy Family, vacations, new home, writing and editing

My Clarion West Viking Cohorts

The Vikings themselves:

Oregon Writers' Colony Home Page
Eric Witchey's fave activity
Chiara Shah's Home Page
Karen Fishler's Dog Diary
Diana Rowland's Home Page, including a detailed daily Clarion diary
Jeff Deveaux's Home Page
Tamela Viglione's Home Page
Ruth Nestvold's Home Page
Ruth's Aphra Behn Page
RS’s Home Page
1Friends of Finchester House
Latest vanity pages update: June 12, 2003 (haven't dbl-checked Clarion or Vikings pages yet)