Finchester House II Roses

The house came with rose shrubbery. Sometimes they're even enflowered. Here's a photo inventory. Might not keep them all; they're all over the front yard, making it stickery and hostile (especially when not in bloom), and they're covered with black spot and other cruddy rose diseases that I'm way too lazy to ever deal with.

Rose #1 Rose 1b Rose 1a
Rose #2 Nothing yet--no buds, nuthin'
Rose #3 Rose 3d Rose 3a Rose 3b Rose 3c
Rose #4 just bloomed
Rose #5 Rose 5c Rose 5a Rose 5b
Rose #6 Rose 6a Rose 6b
Rose #7 Rose 7a Rose 7b
Rose #8 Rose 8b Rose 8c Rose 8a
Rose #9 Rose 9a Rose 9b Rose 9d
Rose 9c Rose 9e Rose 9f
Rose #10 Rose 10a
Rose #11 Rose 11b Rose 11a Rose 11c

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