Honorable Seafaring Merchants’ Image Page

Ellen pirate 1965 Ellen pirate 1968 Road Pirates 1986
1965: The Marquessa--the early years 1968: Residence camp. Guess whose flag. Guess who's taking the photo. As usual. 1986: Captain Jack T. Ripper, Scout, The Klaw, Sharkey,
Gunner, Fluffy, Bloody Lamont, the Marquessa and Marquis de la Finch (whomso sadly be related to them cursed piratical types and betimes hides them from the Tyrannical Despotic Governor in thair wine cellar)
?, The Tyrannical Despotic Governor's Daughter (AKA Tyranny), Squeeze
Missing: El Squid
1991: Iwo Vicon Thousands of these did NOT appear in all the wee parts of the ship of Cap'n Jack and Tyranny whilst they was takin' shore leave,
nossir, thems was entirely different Jolly pseudoRoger things, leastwise IF it really happened, so much as we've heard tell
but it more likely be bilge
Iwo Vicon 1991

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