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List of Tricks

Sit, down, stand, stay, heel (competition style) The usual.
Around From sitting in front of me, come around my right side, behind me, and sit at my left side facing forward. [competition command]
Front Sit straight in front of me, close to me, look up at me. (OK release) [competition command]
In Move rear end closer to me when sitting at my left.
Take it Take whatever I'm offering to you and hold it in your mouth, without chewing on it, til I say OK or (preferably) Give.
Watch Look up towards me and keep doing so until released, usually while at left side.
Wait Whereever you currently are, don't wander off.
Get in Back Get out of my driver's seat (or passenger seat) and get into the back of the car. This always worked for parking-lot humor. I'd open door, he'd look at me. I'd say something like "Are you driving this time, or will you get in back so I can drive?" He'd get up and get in back.
Go to bed Go lie down on your mat ( or other designated location) and stay there.
Leave it Turn your head away from whatever you're looking at and don't look back at it.
Behind Zoom around behind me clockwise and go forward.
Back From a standing position, move backwards.
Bang From any position, lie down, roll onto side and put side of head on floor.
Beg From a sitting position, sit upright with front legs off ground.
(Take a ) Bow Lower front half of body.
Butt in the air From a down position, raise back end (ends up looking like a bow).
Catch Catch what I'm about to toss to you. (Make sure he knows whether it's food or not before you toss it.)
Chin Put chin down where directed.
Circus Dog While on hind legs, rotate in a full circle
(Come) slowly From stand/stay, move slowly towards me, one step at a time (usually balancing something on nose or head like Hold) (OK release)
Crawl From down, crawl across floor towards me. (OK release or til he gets to me)
Do it Repeated figure 8s around legs starting from left side (when I'm walking, this looks like weaving between my legs).
Hang Ten Put front paws on your arm. (This is funnier for dogs with no dew claws--you can say "hang eight.")
Hide your Eyes One paw on eyes. (Only does it while lying down on his side.)
High five From standing or sitting position, hit my right hand with your right paw.
Hold Balance this on your nose or head. (OK release or, for biscuit, Flip It.)
How many fingers? Barks to match number of fingers.
Limp Keep right paw in the air while coming towards you.
Look Stare at a goodie until released no matter where I place it.
Noodge Push/tip over object with nose (or if it rolls, roll it across the floor).
Paw Lift your right paw.
Paws up Put your front paws up onto what I'm pointing to.
Say your prayers Put nose under paws ("Amen" release); usually done while hanging ten.
Reach From standing position, reach front paws up into air. Don't jump.
Roll Over From Down position, roll over via his left side
Shake From any position, give me your right front paw.
Shake left From any position, give me your LEFT front paw.
Side Lie on indicated side.
Sing Howl rather than bark. This always LOOKED like a howl but sounded like a whining bark unlike his real howl.
Speak Bark. (Or "Can you say woof?" or just about any question, e.g., "What's the top of a house called?--Roof, that's right!")
Turn Turn clockwise.
Twist Turn counterclockwise.
Wave Wave w/one paw
Where's your nose? Touch nose with paw.


(he earned his NADAC championship 3 months before his cancer was diagnosed)
Climb Stop with paws at base of obstacle.
Go (go go) Keep going in the direction you're going.
(Get) Out Move away from me to do the next command
Left Turn to his left
Over Jump over whatever I'm pointing to.
Right Turn to his right.
Table Get on the table (& lie down?)
Teeter Climb teeter, wait in middle til it teeters, make contact on other end.
Tire Jump thru tire
Tunnel Go thru tunnel
Weave Weave thru series of 12 poles, entering from the right of the first pole.
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List updated Jan 12, 2004; page updated April 28, 2009