Feb 14, 2001 (est) - Mar 9, 2015
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Tika (TEE-ka) might or might not be pure Aussie (Australian Shepherd). If she is, she's a fine example of a working line of Aussies with drive, intelligence, and curiosity. If, instead, she's a cross--that would make her a Craussie, now, wouldn't it! These days, we're thinking she's mixed with Husky.

Adopted in Feb. 2002 at age (roughly) 12 months.

Died March 9, 2014, of congestive heart disease and renal failure. View/download memorial page in PDF.

Original text from the Rescue Site

 Savanna is a spayed female 9 month Aussie mix. She weighs 42 lbs, is crate trained, housebroken and loves to ride in the car. Savanna loves to play with other dogs and is especially good with small puppies. She is good around cats but wants to play with them and might get a little too rough. Savanna only barks when she wants to play with other dogs or cats that happen to walk by and is being worked with to correct the behavior. She would be a great obedience dog candidate and possibly a good agility dog. Savanna is very intelligent and is very eager to please. She is a wonderful dog and needs to be with a family or a person that is active and will spend time with her. Savanna loves everyone and is good with children and would fit well into just about any situation where she will get a lot of attention and exercise. (North Bay Canine Rescue)

Tika Tackles Agility

Tika became a fine agility dog who loves the action. Read details about her adoption, training, competition, titles, successes and failures, and daily life in the back yard at our own Taj Mutt Hall Dog Diary.

Some of Tika's agiilty successes:


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