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Jan 31, 2005 - April 24, 2015

C-ATCH; MAD, SACh-Bronze, RCh-Gold GCh-Bronze, TM-Silver, JM
(one super-Q short of ADCH)


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What Ever






Why a Border Collie?

How I came to "sell out" and purchase a purebred, registered, pedigreed blue merle Border Collie as my next agility dog.

Full Story

Boost's Life

A very short version

Boost competed in lots of agility. Earned many titles. Competed in the USDAA National Championships. Had the fastest weave poles around for at least a couple of years. Pretty good herding instincts initially but I didn't follow up on it, so who knows where that might have gone.

Traveled thousands of miles throughout California and into Arizona. Hiked many many parks and trails. Loved loved loved to play frisbee.

Had the best "down" of any dog I've had to date (8 dogs). Delightfully reliable off leash. Brought in the newspaper every morning for almost 10 years.

Wanted to learn, wanted to have tasks, a job. Could do several tricks. Learned some from watching my other dog. Loved her Riot Tug and Milker Toy, and could fetch them by name (as well as her Leashie) because they always meant Now We're Going To Work (e.g., agility). Almost was doing handstands when she became ill. Died within 3 weeks of diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer.

Full Story of Boost's Origins

Boost's Siblings

Who they are—all but one we expect to be competing in agility:

  • ADCH Gina (Orangina?): Blue merle. Los Angeles area. Owner Tim who runs an agility-champion Boxer.
  • ADCH Derby: Black/white (the only male). Owner Tammy (breeder), who also runs a Rottweiler and another Border Collie, and sometimes runs Boost's parents for her partner.
  • ADCH Bette: Blue merle. Owner Mary Van Wormer, a long-time agility friend whose first agility dog is a little Australian Cattle Dog.
  • ADCH Beck: Black/white. Owner Robert Green, a medium-time agility friend, whose first agility dog is a very fast German Shepherd who knocks more bars than Tika, if you can believe that to be even possible.
  • Caena ("KAY-na"): Black/white. Owner--local, someone I didn't already know; I believe they've done agility already with another dog but not sure.
  • Tinker: Blue merle: Someone's pet.

Boost had no fear of racing to almost the end and riding it to a slam-down.

Championship in CPE!

I had to hustle to be anywhere near her at the end of a dogwalk.

Boost loved to help me in the yard while I trimmed. I'd toss the trimmings into the air; she'd leap, catch, shake them firmly, and toss them to the ground with great finality, then wait for the next.

Waiting to run, tugging on her Riot Tug.

We did a little nosework. She was catching on.

My Merle Girl.

Resting between rocket-powered frisbee catchings.

Boost loved the snow. Anything in the snow.

Heterochromic eyes, like her mom's and many other relatives.

Get In The Box trick.

She learned this from watching Tika. Amazing.

Running at the beach. She just liked running.

Demonstrating her lightning-fast weaving technique.

Floating through the air down a line of jumps. Like magic when it worked.

Tika also taught Boost how to use tunnels, although Boost's puppyhood playground included tunnels.

Hiking, climbing, exploring.

Loved running through the powder; preferred that to running along the trail!

Atop Coyote Peak, one of our frequent hikes.

Boost's absolutely favorite toy of all time.

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