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Hi C-Era Interstellar Propulsion (b. Jan 31, 2005)
MAD, SACh-Bronze, RCh-Silver, GCh, TM-Bronze;
CL3, CL4-F/S/R


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What Ever






Why a Border Collie?
How I came to "sell out" and purchase a purebred, registered, pedigreed blue merle Border Collie as my next agility dog.

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Boost's Siblings
Who they are—all but one we expect to be competing in agility:

  • ADCH Gina (Orangina?): Blue merle. Los Angeles area. Owner Tim who runs an agility-champion Boxer.
  • ADCH Derby: Black/white (the only male). Owner Tammy (breeder), who also runs a Rottweiler and another Border Collie, and sometimes runs Boost's parents for her partner.
  • ADCH Bette: Blue merle. Owner Mary Van Wormer, a long-time agility friend whose first agility dog is a little Australian Cattle Dog.
  • ADCH Beck: Black/white. Owner Robert Green, a medium-time agility friend, whose first agility dog is a very fast German Shepherd who knocks more bars than Tika, if you can believe that to be even possible.
  • Caena ("KAY-na"): Black/white. Owner--local, someone I didn't already know; I believe they've done agility already with another dog but not sure.
  • Tinker: Blue merle: Someone's pet.

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