Nov 1, 1978-July 1992

Amber was my first own personal private dog. She was the offspring of two friends' dogs who moved in together: a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. She loved to fetch, but sticks and tennis balls were the best. I taught her to sit and down and heel and come and holllllld a biscuit on her nose. We went many places together. We ate together. We slept togther. She became the love of my life.

Christmas 1978, the puppy comes home with me for the first time

Our family's old dog Sam and puppy Amber

Circa 1980, Amber as a young adult.

New Year's Eve 1980, Amber wondering why Linda is on her couch.

1981: A favorite pose (and of Remington, later, too)

1981: Amber with my sister's Collie, Jenny

1983, Sheba and Amber with their annual gigantic Xmas rawhides

Sheba and Amber in a common bookends pose

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